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Having over 20 years/two decades of experience in production of security & alarm systems, SILEX Electronics group has supplied its product i.e. automotive security & alarm systems and during last years has diversified its products. Currently we are one of the most modern domestic manufacturers of security & alarm for home, offices, building and other places. Based on our motto national production with international quality, currently, we are pioneer at building modern automatic door remote keyless controllers in IRAN. Via expanding its research and development department, this group has managed to become the first manufacturer of remote controllers with code hopping technology in IRAN. We claim, our new code hopping remote controllers have highest technical quality in the country.



Everything you need to know about building security alarm:


What are building security & alarm systems?

Building security & alarm systems are designed for intruder detection and other kind of penetrations. Security and alarm systems can be installed in residential, administrative, commercial, industrial and other buildings. Security and Alarm system was initially manufactured on nineteenth century by Augustus Russell Pop, at United States for protection of his own privacy and property.

How does a building security and alarm system work?

Suppose that the alarm of security and alarm system in your place is activated! When the sound of this alarm is heard, how stressful and unpleasant it is to know whether this alarm is real or not, but if you know how your security and alarm system works and how it protects your privacy, it will help you to be relax in emergency state.

Different types of building security and alarm system

At Silex, we classify our systems in that way:

  1. Simple building security and alarm systems: It’s somehow minimal system which only alerts unauthorized entries such as intruder happens with siren sound.

  2. Building security and alarm systems with public telephone network (PTN) dialer: Such systems, in addition to siren sound, they alert unauthorized entries by calling stored contacts via phone line.

  3. GSM-based building security and alarm systems: In addition to what two previous versions do, they will call and send text message via GSM module and SIM card. Also, using these systems, you can charge SIM card, making arm and disarm whole system, and so on. Currently, this sort of systems are among the newest and most commonly used of such equipment.

    Security and Alarm systems peripherals

    Silex products use the following peripherals:

  4. Internal speaker
  5. External speaker
  6. Siren
  7. Backup battery
  8. Detector

    Different types of sensors that can be used in security and alarm systems

  9. Motion detector: These detectors are sensitive to motion and available in various types.
  10. Shock sensor: Such detectors can be attached to the glass, wall or ground floor. In case of vibration, the detectors will be triggered and as a result the security and alarm system will be activated
  11. Magnetic door/window sensor: We can install these sensors on door, wardrobe or window. By opening door the sensors are triggered.
  12. Panic button: We can use such buttons, even when the security and alarm system is off.
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